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Herzog HTS 2000 Rotary Foundry Samples Grinder

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Herzog HTS 2000  Rotary Foundry Samples Grinder

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Serial No. MA11637-1-1

The Herzog Rotary Foundry Samples Grinder cost £22,700.00 in year of manufacture (2004).  It comes with Siemens Simatic OP3 PLC control and a large quantity of spares. The machine grinds steel and iron samples of different dimensions for the purpose of spectroscopic analysis.

The sample is inserted into the clamping facility with the door open.
The door is closed and the desired grinding program selected on the operator terminal.
The automatic process is started by a pushbutton.

Clamping of the sample (with hydropneumatic and electromagnetic clamping facility)
Measurement of the sample height by means of a scanning facility
Initiation of the oscillating action of the swivel rest
Fast servo motor infeed of the cup grinding wheel until contact is made with the sample
Grinding process continued until the preselected grinding depth is reached
Measurement of cup wheel wear
Initial position of the swivel support
Sample unchucked
The sample is cooled by means of compressed air or liquid coolant during grinding, depending upon the machine configuration and the selected grinding programme.

The automatic process is controlled by a programmable logic controller.
Different grinding programs can be set up and parameterized on an operator panel.
The machine is designed for industrial use and requires a minimum of maintenance.
The inside chamber is easily accessible through doors for maintenance purposes.

The station comprises the following main components:

Welded steel enclosure with panelling
Connecting sleeve for an external dust exhaust facility
Operator door with safety interlock for insertion of the sample
Grinding slide rest driven by a servo motor
Pneumatically driven swivel rest on which the clamping device is mounted
Measurement facility for measurement of the sample height and for automatic compensation of cup wheel wear
Pneumatic cooling facility
Siemens S7 PLC
Operator terminal
Integral electrical switchgear cabinet
Pneumatic system with air filter, water trap, pressure regulator and control valves

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Herzog HTS 2000 Rotary Foundry Samples Grinder - FOR3
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